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get to know our team

our team consists of owner, krystal, and feline helpers, ashley 'ash' j. williams, tyson lucifer, and morgan.


 krystal, owner

Owner, female, dark purple hair and glasses, beehive 311 tattoo and mechanical heart tattoo, black tank top with the words, Gizmos & Whooz-its & Whats-its & Snarfblats & Dinglehoppers
favorite film genre: horror
name your top 3 favorite movies: empire strikes back, evil dead 2, breakfast at tiffany's...i know i am all over the place when it comes to films!
favorite tv show: retired: gilmore girls and current: mindhunter and pretty much anything on i.d.
favorite band: 311! 3-3-11!
name your 2 favorite disney films: this one is so hard for me but i have to say robin hood and the little mermaid as my absolute top 2. i could go on and then some though! emperor's new groove, sword in the stone, parent trap [the old one,] aladdin, poca....
go to book genre: true crime and horror/thriller. i own [almost] all of stephen king's novels
what about podcasts? oh that's easy. my fellow ohioians, true crime garage and true crime all the time.
what do you collect: pins, 311 show posters, and horror memorabilia. i have a room dedicated to my collections! my office. it's my office.
meet anyone you fangirl over? i go to horrorhound in cincinnati yearly so yes, but my top meets of all time would be 311, see story below, ethan embry and thomas ian nicholas, who both were crushes of mine growing up, and the one and only bruce campbell, who i name my cat, ashley "ash" j. williams, after. 
favorite fangirl moment? meeting 311 the summer of 2019. being a fan since i was 16, it was always a dream to meet them. i was backstage waiting with a group of 4 others, when my boyfriend looks past me and goes, "hey, it's sa!" i look over and just immediately start crying. right behind him is the rest of the band, nick, p-nut, tim, and chad. i was a crying mess. they swung back around and gave me additional hugs! tim loved my hive tattoo amd his drawing as another tattoo. the photo taken captures that moment so well, in all my blotchy face glory! we then got to stand stageside and listen to several songs. it was an absolute dream come true!


  ashley 'ash' j. williams, planner & inventory

big grey cat with green eyes, laying on a rose gold Happy Planner binder, looking up at camera. Pencil bag that says I do what I want, featuring a black cat with navy and pink color background and has writing supplies spilling out. Cat, bag and supplies all sit on a dark wood kitchen table.
favorite food: does catnip count? and kitty crunchies!
favorite movie: evil dead, because i was named after the main character!
favorite disney film: cinderella for the mice. oh how i love that gus-gus!
how do you spend your day: sleeping on my mom's lap, catching critters outside, chasing tyson and red dots, rolling in catnip, and knocking things off tables.


 tyson lucifer, quality control & shipping  

short haired main coon cat sitting in a cardboard box with pink tissue paper, looking at camera.

favorite food: cheese! string cheese in particular. i can hear that wrapper a mile away.
favorite movie: the hangover. see, as a kitten, i was supposed to be named just lucifer, until that first night, i accidentally bit my mom's ear as i was falling asleep. i woke being called tyson for some reason!
favorite disney film: homeward bound. we moved a lot over the years but my mom always made sure she had me by her side! we are now back in our childhood home, our forever home!
how do you spend your day: i like to go in and out all day, drives my mom nuts! she makes me new catnip toys that i love to chew on and also i have a vast collection of milk rings that i play with around the house.


  morgan, supervisor

large white calico cat laying on her back,  outside on pavement, looks to be squinting up at camera, almost as if she just woke up

favorite food: catnip, whipped cream, anything in my food dish!
favorite movie: secret life of pets. oh if our humans only knew...
favorite disney film: the aristocats, because Iim a lady, that's why.
how do you spend your day: well, i'm older now, so i don't get around as much as i used to. i do still enjoy belly rubs, lounging in the sun, playing with catnip, and sleeping!
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