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we scour the universe to curate an eclectic collection of unique gifts and stationery, for those of us that walk a little on the weird side. 

here you'll find cat and pop culture items such as pins, stickers, accessories, and collectibles. you'll find a little bit of everything here!

we love all things cute, creepy, and nerdy. we love giving one of a kind gifts and making our friends smile. sometimes cry. from laughing. we meticulously curate our shop for those looking for something distinctive, something a little unusual, something that will make an impression and leave a smile on their face. if all else fails, grab one of our cute and snarky greeting cards and throw some cash in it!

why buy from us?

  • we are not a drop-ship company.
  • we thrive at getting your order out with in 2 business days, max.
  • your items are carefully hand-packed by us for that personal touch that big-box companies can't supply!
  • your purchase, big or small, is supporting our small business and our big dreams! thank you!

we are an akron, oh based company that started out on etsy, just making home fragrances and bath products inspired by our favorite pop culture fandom. i started creating bath products for myself because having endometriosis, i take a ton of baths to help with the pain, so wanted to create my own bath soaks so i know exactly what is going in them. i loved how my skin felt after and was more relaxed after making my lavender bath salt soak. i decided to throw some up on etsy and see if anyone would want them as well. sure enough, others fell in love with my pop-cult inspired goodies. after getting a great group of followers (hi fellow gilmore ladies!) i decided to go even further and create this amazing gift shop for those like us, that have a love for all things funky, funny, nerdy, cute, and creepy!

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