Bat Silhouette • Earrings

House of Wonderland

$7.98 $8.99

Feeling a little batty? Then these are the perfect earrings for you! They are great for year-round or Halloween time! 


  • approximately 0.3 x 0.6 in
  • laser-cut acrylic
  • silver plated backing
  • handmade, slight variations may occur
  • made in the UK
  • HOW original artwork


House of Wonderland®

Jewelry Care: Always follow the 4 S's of Jewelry Care: No Showering, Swimming, Sleeping, or Sweating!                                                                  Avoid showering, swimming, saunas and rain as this could damage your jewelry. Ensure that you keep them dry. Put your jewelry on last and take it off first. Store your jewelry in a soft pouch where possible to avoid tarnishing, tangling and damage. A soft polishing cloth is ideal for cleaning any of the metal parts.